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Indians, NRI's and The LAW

The Punjab Government has enacted and established the Punjab State Commission for NRIs, which is located in Block-A, Room No.6, Punjab Civil Secretariat-2, Sector-9, Chandigarh. This Commission is headed presently by Mr. Justice Arvind Kumar (Retd) as its Chairperson. Further, the Apex Court in its landmark judgment has set at rest the controversy regarding the jurisdiction and relief in NRI marriages for criminal wrongs. The judgment is titled as Thota Venkateswarlu verus State of Andhra Pradesh, JT 2011 (10) SC 281. In the ibid-mentioned judgment under the dowry prohibition act occurring within the territorial jurisdiction of the criminal Courts in India, can be tried without having to obtain the previous sanction of the Central Government. Thus, the State has provided legal remedy to the aggrieved persons, firstly by enacting the NRI Commission for their disputes; secondly even has provided a platform for redressing the criminal wrongs to be tried in the Indian courts, without prior sanction of the central government. The land and other disputes can also be referred to the commission, in case the courts are reluctant to proceed in such matters efficaciously. Further, the NRIs can have their property vacated from a tenant by summary procedure as enacted under Section 13 (B) of the East Punjab Urban Rent Restriction Act. The establishment of the commission and the jurisdiction of the Indian courts in criminal matter without the prior sanction of the central government would make the NRIs safe, once they return to their motherland or when they want to take possession of their valuable immovable property.