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Happy Clients

I have just browsed through your website. I find it most informative and client friendly. The span of activities and expertise of your Law Firm is vast and covers almost all aspects of law and litigation that a citizen needs to understand. The Cases cited in the website are a testimonial to the experience and dedication of the Team. The list of Service matters dealt with by the Team successfully is most impressive. The website underscores the importance of ethics in the legal profession which is noteworthy. I have also read through the two articles on Free Legal aid and the recent Vizag Gas Leak case which are not only informative but also thought provoking. The issue of free legal aid for the poor assumes special importance in view of the prevailing situation in the Country due to Covid 19 and prolonged lockdowns which have rendered millions jobless and sent them below even the subsistence level. I wish the Law Firm and the Team success in their noble endeavours.

Major General PJS Sandhu (Retd)

I have gone through the contents of this website and am especially impressed with the well researched articles that have been penned by Advocate Harkirat S. Ghuman. I must compliment Advocate Harkirat S. Ghuman for his clear and precise analysis of some of the more complex issues of law. The writing is impeccable and is a pleasure to read, giving incisive insight into the intricacies of law not only to the people not linked with the legal profession but also the members of legal fraternity. The article titled ‘Extent of power of Parliament to amend our Constitution’ was particularly informative and a delight to read. Besides being a competent lawyer, Mr. Harkirat S. Ghuman also has a gift of having an eye for research and then putting it lucidly into words for people to understand and benefit. I hope Advocate Harkirat S. Ghuman continues writing more and enlightens everyone with the nuances and details of law and legality. I wish him all the best.

Nikhil Handu

Advocate Ghuman and their esteemed offices have provided me with a plethora of legal services ranging from civil to criminal and other miscellaneous matters for a number of years. They are fully dedicated to serving their clients with utmost degree of integrity, professionalism and grit. I would highly recommend them to any one who is looking forward to engaging the services of a lawyer.

Arjun Singh Grewal